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Boarding Information

What you can expect and need to know about our boarding services.

Boarding Request

Thank you, we’ll reply as soon as possible!

What to Expect

When choosing us to care for your dog while you are away you can expect nothing but the best treatment. To start we require an evaluation of your dog to ensure we are the correct service for you and your dog. Not all dogs do well in a boarding environment but we do our best to make our facility feel as safe as home! After the initial evaluation we will require a trial night. This allows your dog to adjust to being at our facility and get to know us before the actual boarding. Why do we do this? It allows your dog time to adjust to a new environment and new people and minimizes stress. We want your dogs to enjoy their stay with us and when owners leave that can be very stressful for them! This trail time allows the dog to understand they will be returning home to their family and that coming to Southern Oregon Pet Services is fun!

*Please allow a minimum of 1-2 weeks notice for boarding arrangements for new members. 


Reservations and Pricing

To Make boarding reservations please Call or Text 541-326-7625 or fill out the form to the left.

Boarding Fee's : $65/night per dog


Full day daycare for dog social dogs supervised by professional staff.

Nap/ Rest time as needed

1-1 Social interactions with staff daily

Enrichment bowls & toys with meals.

Climate controlled kennels.

*Training, walks, and bones or chews can be added as additional services.

* Dogs can not be outwardly aggressive towards people or dogs. If they are not dog social but can tolerate dogs without free play we do have boarding services available.


What you Should or Should Not Bring

Do Bring:

  • Measured amount of food needed for their stay plus a 2-3 extra portions.

  • Favorite chew item.

  • A few treats.

  • Collar and Leash.

  • Medications if any.

Please label all items you bring for your dog. We do our best to keep everything together but will not be held liable for lost items that are listed as do not bring below.

Do Not Bring:

  • Bedding (we provide beds and blankets washed between every use)

  • Toys (other than 1 item your dog likes to chew please no toys, we have toys available for them here)

  • Bowls (we provide bowls that are sanitized after every use.)

  • Excessive amounts of food or treats. (Please measure out what your dog will need for their stay and bring in a small bin or plastic bags. We have limited storage space available.) 

  • Harness (we do not use harnesses during daycare or boarding unless they are needed for medical purposes or purchased walks.


Check in and Out

Boarding Check in is no later than 2 pm on the day you schedule drop off. (This allows us to properly exercise and acclimate your dog before bed time.) 

Check out is no later than 10am on the scheduled pick up day. If you need to pick up your dog at a later time, additional fees will apply.

We reserve the right to add on fees such as food, training, or additional exercise if deemed necessary for your dog if they are causing disruption or having stress and need the added services. Such services will be communicated with you prior to adding to the invoice. 

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