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Enrichment Based Dog Daycare and Boarding


Dog Training and Behavior Modification


Daycare and Boarding:


We offer an enrichment based doggie daycare and boarding facility that pairs the dogs with 15 friends or less of similar size or playstyle. They rotate through different planned activities throughout the day. Activities generally fall into one of the following categories: Free-play, Group nap, individual nap, obedience training, brain games or enrichment toys, snuggle time, one on one play with person or canine friend.

Daycare Services

  • Half or Full Day Daycare

  • Overnight Boarding

  • Membership discounts

  • Bath and nail trims

  • Training

  • Kong/ Chew available for purchase

  • And many other options  See more >>

Dog Training and Behavior modification

Training Philosophy: We believe that building a relationship with your dog is a core element in training. Whether your dog is learning basic obedience or undergoing behavioral rehab, it all begins with trust. We will teach you how to obtain a wonderful relationship with your dog to optimize training. No matter what your training goals are or the behavioral issues your dog may have, we can help!  
Dog Training

  • At Facility Training Session

  • At Home Training Session

  • At Facility Behavior Modification Session

  • At Home Behavior Modification Session

  • And many other services  See more >>

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