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To Sign up for Daycare please fill out the new client registration form and book an evaluation appointment below.

Dog Daycare & Boarding

All dogs must undergo an evaluation prior to attending daycare or using our overnight boarding services. We evaluate to ensure they get along with other dogs, are comfortable in the daycare setting, and have the necessary recommended vaccinations.

Daycare is available Monday - Friday 7am-5:30pm

Pricing Information:

$27 Half day daycare single dog

$42 Half day daycare 2 dogs

$45 Full day single dog

$60 Full day 2 dogs

Bulk packages and membership discounts available.

Our facility is primarily outdoor facility  with large grassy or granite play areas. We have covered structures and an indoor space for rainy days and a kennel area for rest time. They spend nearly their entire visit out in the play yard only going to the kennel area if they need to rest. Dogs are not left in kennels all day, they take breaks as long as they need then rejoin the group. The dogs are supervised while playing 100% of the time. 

​Dogs are separated by size and playstyle so we are able to accept all breeds and sizes. 

We are an enrichment based daycare focusing on quality rather than quantity. We spend time with each individual dog each stay to ensure their needs are being met and they enjoy their stay! We supervise and redirect unwanted behaviors so dogs do not develop bad habits and provide feedback to owners after each visit. We offer training advice and recommendations to help you help your dog be the best they can be.


Overnight care is available on a limited basis through our facility. We have a small heated indoor space available for the dogs to stay with 10 crates & kennels. Because we are a home based daycare there are requirements the dog must meet in order to board here.

1. Dogs must be kennel trained.

This means they can be in a crate or kennel unsupervised without exhibiting stress like: heavy panting, drooling, excessive barking, trying to escape, or becoming destructive.

2. Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and participate in group play.

We do not accept aggressive dogs. To ensure all dogs here enjoy their stay and our staff and clients are kept safe, no aggression of any kind is permitted.

3. Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations. 

We require DHPP (Distemper/ Parvo), Rabies, and Bordetella (Kennel cough)

It is also recommended dogs be current on flea and tic preventative, heartworm preventative, and have bi-annual fecal exams.


In order for us to ensure the above requirements are met we require that all dogs undergo an evaluation and to a trial stay prior to booking boarding services. If you aren't sure how your dog will do give us a call! We do everything possible to set them up for success, sometimes that means multiple visits before spending the night but rest assured your pup will be comfortable and happy for their stay!

Boarding is available 7days a week, Check in by 2pm, Check out by 10am. NO Sunday Pick up or Drop off.

Please fill out the new client registration before booking your evaluation appointment.    >>>>>
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